Dyna is 17 this year. She is about 15 hands tall, and extremely stout. She was donated because the alternative was euthanasia. She has a cyst on her navicular, or was diagnosed with that six years ago. Located at the ASAP Farm




12 year old Standardbred mare Bay – left front pastern white higher inside with large spots on coronet Sire: Magical Mike Dam: Extra Duck This is a sound mare trained to drive but not yet retrained to ride.

Betty’s Nightmare

Hello!!! My name is Betty's Nightmare! I know, I know ~ that's kind of a silly name, but everyone calls me Betty, and I'm really not a Nightmare at all!! I am a 3rd dam to Night's Dream, and that's how I got this name. I'm 15 years young, and also about 15 hands high. I am a black mare, and quite pretty, if I do say so myself! When I was young I was a pacer and I lived with Larry Goins in Indiana. I have lived with my foster person for many years, but sadly she has developed some bad allergies and asthma, and I need to find a different home. I haven't been ridden very much, but I have let children be led around on my back. I don't like to go into the woods, though ~ it seems like such a scary place! I am broke to drive, because of my background. Sometimes I am really sensitive and am not sure about being touched, but when I'm in a happy mood I love to have attention. I do know my commands, and when my person spends time with me I am very well-behaved. I need to have a person who will understand my moods and be patient with me. A couple of years ago I had some problems with one of my hooves. My person was very good about treating me and having a farrier work with me. It took a long time, but my hoof is getting better now and only needs more growing out under the nail. At least I am no longer lame! I am really good with the farrier and see him on a regular basis. Last fall my pasture buddy found a new home and I am lonely without her, and sometimes sad. I would love to have a person of my own who would love me and work with me and bring out the best in me. Is there anybody out there who would like to take me home? It would make me so happy. Even though I might sometimes appear to be aloof, I am really just sad without my buddy. When my foster person comes out to see me, she always calls to me "Hello Miss Betty" and I give her a big purr in response. So you see, I really do know my name and I want to have a person I can call my own. My adoption fee is only $100. Thanks for reading about me and I hope I will find a new forever home real soon!!!



Holly came into the ASAP program several years ago. She has never found an adoptive family. Holly has a severe swayback, and has some nervous tendencies when separated from the herd. It is best that Holly finds a home where she can finish out her life and just enjoy the company of other horses. She is a submissive horse in a herd. She was placed with ASAP in 2004 or 2005 (would have to go back and see) and we were given the age of 16 as her true age. She is supposed to be a Standardbred, yet we believe she does have some Arabian blood in there somewhere. Her true age would be closer to mid to late 20's at this time.