Standardbred gelding, in his late teens, early twenty’s. Has been used as a  trail horse although he hasn’t gotten much riding time the last few years.  He has no special needs and is definitely not a hard keeper. He loves kids, is super respectful and leads like a dream. He is brave; not spooky. His trot is pretty bumpy though. He would do great in a home with kids to love up on him or someone who enjoys leisurely paced trail rides. He is a “go to” horse for pony rides – “Mr. Reliable” if you will. He is consistent no matter if you rode him the day before or pulled him out after 6 months. His only quirk is that he doesn’t love to be sprayed. If you catch him first, he is an angel but if you go out into the pasture with a spray bottle, he will walk away versus toward you.