From the current owner:

Lily has never had a lame day as long as I’ve had her. She had a less fortunate start than Summit though. She was virtually untouched when I adopted her. Gentle but extremely fearful. A big project. I was told she’s a mustang (but is not branded) that was rescued out of a MN slaughterhouse holding pen. She was clearly traumatized early on and remains fearful of ropes. If you go out into the pasture with anything other than a piece of twine, she will bolt like a lion is chasing her.
We have overcome her obstacles through creative training, which I will demonstrate/share in person. Once you understand the method to approach/catch her, she also has excellent ground manners. She stands like a statue for the vet/farrier. Lily is best suited for a kind, patient, gentle, experienced horse person. She’s short but stocky and super comfortable to ride. She can get testy if pushed too hard or handled aggressively. She’s the smartest horse I have. A leader in the herd but happy to follow on the trail. She is also food motivated and easily taught new things using treats as a reward.