Legit To

. Back in program. Standardbred gelding in his 20s. Great horse for pleasure driving. Would be good for beginners

legit to


Two Ponies

Two ponies both geldings. One is a mini, the pinto is 13 hands. The pinto is trained for advanced youth, and the mini has been led with children on his back.They have been together for a long time, and have to get adopted together. Located in Minnesota. Contact Carmen by email- burthc@ gmail.com for more information.


Chevie & Player (South Place)

Two Standardbred geldings coming back into the program.

Chevie Silverado is 21 years old, and has impaired vision in the right eye.

South Place aka Player is 12 years old.

Horse are very bonded so they would like to stay together. Both were raced. Need intermediate level horsemanship. Both are sound and have never bucked or reared. They have had ground and saddle training over the 4 years the adopter had them. kari's 3karis 4kari's horseskari's horses2


Standardbred gelding, did countless weekend trail rides  before he was brought  back – his past rider was pleased with what a great trail horse he was.