From the current owner:

Lily has never had a lame day as long as I’ve had her. She had a less fortunate start than Summit though. She was virtually untouched when I adopted her. Gentle but extremely fearful. A big project. I was told she’s a mustang (but is not branded) that was rescued out of a MN slaughterhouse holding pen. She was clearly traumatized early on and remains fearful of ropes. If you go out into the pasture with anything other than a piece of twine, she will bolt like a lion is chasing her.
We have overcome her obstacles through creative training, which I will demonstrate/share in person. Once you understand the method to approach/catch her, she also has excellent ground manners. She stands like a statue for the vet/farrier. Lily is best suited for a kind, patient, gentle, experienced horse person. She’s short but stocky and super comfortable to ride. She can get testy if pushed too hard or handled aggressively. She’s the smartest horse I have. A leader in the herd but happy to follow on the trail. She is also food motivated and easily taught new things using treats as a reward.




Standardbred gelding, in his late teens, early twenty’s. Has been used as a  trail horse although he hasn’t gotten much riding time the last few years.  He has no special needs and is definitely not a hard keeper. He loves kids, is super respectful and leads like a dream. He is brave; not spooky. His trot is pretty bumpy though. He would do great in a home with kids to love up on him or someone who enjoys leisurely paced trail rides. He is a “go to” horse for pony rides – “Mr. Reliable” if you will. He is consistent no matter if you rode him the day before or pulled him out after 6 months. His only quirk is that he doesn’t love to be sprayed. If you catch him first, he is an angel but if you go out into the pasture with a spray bottle, he will walk away versus toward you.


Capri’s Girl

Capri’s Girl is a 20 year old Standardbred mare. She is sound, was once an Amish cart horse. She was saved from a kill pen in the east. She has been ridden, but likes to GOOOOOO. She is solid bay and tall.


 Placing owner writes….
“We have a horse we would like to put into the program. He was given to me in early summer by an acquaintance of mine who had a stroke. “Red” is an 19 year old grade chestnut qh gelding. Well trained, sound, said to have been a reined cow horse in the past. He sat unused for many years and needs time in the saddle again. We rode him here about 12 times over the summer. As he is a little higher energy guy I recommend an intermediate rider.”

Horse is located near Baraboo WI. PM for more information.